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Here is a picture of a Sontarian Warrior, a fierce race of part creature and part machine

Some of my fav Web Sites to visit."Not involving naked girls"

Oh My Goodness
The name says it all,(My fav card site, very naughty,he h he e eh)
My Sentiments
Another of my fav free,cool card sites(free is my friend)
Doctor Draacs gif's
My fav place to get neato free gifs,midi's, and backgrounds, this site rules.
DaienKnight's Home Page
THis is the site of my good cyber-friend, DaienKnight, she is so nice :^)
Whiplash's Home Page
This is my newest cyber-buddy, his site has lots of html tips and tricks to learn
The Oracle
Ever want to know what your name meant? now you can
Dreamcast Fan club
This is my favorite place to get new info about the Sega Dreamcast system, check it out.
Its Your
A cool site to play e-mail games, such as chess, battleship and others, works with webtv and dreamcast
Play daily lottery for free

More   pointless   info   on   me(The   Doctor)

Hello nice to see you again, I hope you didn't get to this page merely by accident, that would suck moldy cheese.

This sure is alot of work creating a home page, but I enjoy watching it grow and keep geting better as my skills improve.

I want to take the time to thank a really smart,friendly guy, he likes to be called Doctor Draac(Imagine someone actually wanting to be called Doctor, how weird).

He is the one who has been there for me when I had html problems and questions, he never turned me away when I needed help.

Click on that annoying monkey below to visit the Great Draacs site.

Who and What is this show Called Doctor Who?