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This Picture is the Beautiful Nicola Bryant, she was the only American person to ever be a companion on Doctor Who.

Her Name on the show was Perpigillium Brown, or Peri for short.

I have 2 words for Peri, "Hubba, Hubba". Or 3 words, OOH Laa Laa

I am scouring the internet to find wav files for the various Doctor Who pictures I have, so check back soon and you will be able to click on their picture and hear a wav of the person, or monster, lol.

Brief History of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the name for a British Science fiction show that first aired on November the 23rd, 1963.

The original broadcast was cancelled due to the Assination of President Kennedy in the United States.

It was rescheduled for november 23rd out of respect for the presidents family.

The show was an immediate success, it was broadcast on television for over 30 years.

Thus making is the worlds longest running Science Fiction show, Star Trek is the 2nd longest running show.

Over the shows history, 7 different actors were cast as the character of the Doctor.

One american actor was also cast as the Doctor during the made for televison movie aired on the Fox networks a few years back. Paul MgGann was cast as the Doctor.

The reason the show endured such a long television run was because the character of the Doctor could regenrate into an entirely different body, when his original body got too old, or he was near death.

So essentially when one actor wanted to resign from playing the Doctor, he simply regenerated into another Doctor, and the show continued along as usual, with a different actor playing the Doctor's part.

Each actor would then add his own personal touch to the already rich character of the Doctor.

Although the show was called "Doctor Who" the main star was the "Doctor" they call the show Doctor Who due to the Doctor's mysterious nature, he is an enigma, and litle is known about his past.

Below I will be adding links to a pictures of each of the 7 British Doctors. Plus the one american Doctor.

You will be able to click on a picture of the Doctor and hear his voice, or his most favorite quote, nobody has quotes like the Doctor :)

The 8 Doctors

William Hartnell: The very first Doctor
Patrick Troughton: The 2nd Doctor
John Pertwee: The 3hird Doctor
Tom Baker: The 4ourth Doctor
Peter Davidson: The 5ifth Doctor
Paul Mcgann: The 8th and final to date Doctor


If you came to this page expecting some sort of organized theme, you came to the wrong place.

I made this page to hopefully bring some smiles to peoples faces, and hopefully you will have a good time while you are here.

I will make no attempt to tell you everything about doctor who, that would be impossible.

Also there are too many great sites out there already devoted to Doctor who, That is why I provide links to their sites, so you can check them on your own.

My goal is to let you know my interests, and to hopfully make a few new friends in the process.

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